About Space Blessing & Clearing 

As a ceremonial act of gratitude for the spaces we occupy, Space Blessing is an opportunity to set a new intention for your space to maximize the healthy flow of energy within. Space Clearing is this same act, with the intention of cleansing the space of stagnant or negative energy that may have arrived with a previous occupant, or from the energy of a difficult period or relationship. Either form of blessing is an opportunity to renew and invite positive energy into the space. 

Any space in which you intend to spend a lot of time is a worthy recipient of such attention. It is great to let your intuition choose which space will be blessed, so if a particular space pops to mind right away, take note. Some ideas include a: bedroom, studio, newly renovated room, baby’s nursery, workspace, new restaurant or shop, garden, farm, yoga studio, etc…

There are countless methods of Space Blessing. My ceremonies are performed in person by applying a Reiki healing treatment to the space, while inviting you to set a new intention for the blessing. With this intention, we will craft a verbal affirmation to bless the space with. Following this ceremony, I will sit in the high vibrations we have welcomed in and I will paint a portrait of the space. 

About the Portrait 

Following the ceremony, I will paint a portrait of the space we have blessed. As my art practice and spiritual healing practice are unique expressions of the same energy, this is an organic and joyful method through which I can pair the two modalities.

The portrait will be from a vantage point of your choosing. The final product will not serve as a literal translation of what is before our eyes, although the bones of the space will provide the foundation for the composition. Instead of an exact depiction, the painting will represent the ecstatic energy of the space, and will employ the use of vibrant, colorful pattern and plant life (as in all my paintings). The purpose of this portrait is twofold: 1) first, painting allows me to extend another layer of healing Reiki energy into the space. As I paint in full loving presence, I will incorporate sacred Reiki symbology into the painting. 2) Once complete, the portrait is yours to keep as a joyful reminder of the positive energy flowing around you. I have found that it is especially powerful to hang these portraits in their given spaces as a symbol of gratitude for them.

Remote Sessions & Non-local Service

This service is offered in person to individuals in Rhode Island and greater Southern New England. If you live outside of this area, I am happy to offer remote sessions. I am versed in a technique of Distant Reiki that allows me to send energy to and connect with spaces remotely. Through applying this technique and staying in direct communication with you during the process, I can conduct the Blessing Ceremony and follow with a portrait from within my studio, which I will then mail to you.


I am delighted by the idea that you might want to offer this as a special gift to a loved one. Perhaps someone moving into a new home, welcoming a baby or opening a new workspace. I will be glad to discuss this option with you during our consultation.


I offer free consultations to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions. For rates, or to set up a consultation, please email me at info@priscillaweidlein.com or fill out the contact form here.

More information about Reiki healing and my background with the practice can be found here.